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Educational materials are available for you to download and print; if you have a special request, please contact the Network at: (919) 463-4500 or 

Communication and Resolving Grievances

Your ESRD Network: Improving Care for ALL ESRD Patients
ACT 2 Resolve: Steps to Successful Communication
ACT 2 Resolve: You Have the Power to Improve Patient Experiences
"How does kidney disease impact your life" [Patients] – Interactive Poster
"What would you say to your family member if they had kidney disease?" [Staff] – Interactive Poster

State Grievance Posters
Georgia: Do you have a Grievance? Speak Up  (English I Spanish)
North Carolina: Do you have a Grievance? Speak Up (English I Spanish)
South Carolina: Do you have a Grievance? Speak Up (English I Spanish)

Forum of ESRD Networks' Dialysis Patient Grievance Toolkit (English I Spanish)

Patient Engagement/Peer Mentoring


Improve Your Health. Be Active in Your Healthcare.
YOU can make a difference. Be the Change. Get Involved.

Flyers & Booklets

Peer Mentoring FAQ Flyer
Peer Mentorship Role and Benefits Flyer
Volunteer to be a PAC Representative Flyer
About the PAC Still Using a Catheter?

Flyers and Booklets
Vascular Access Planning Guide for Professionals Booklet
Lifeline for a Lifetime: Planning for Your Vascular Access Booklet (English I Spanish)
Questions or Concerns About a Permanent Access? Let’s Talk Booklet
Vascular Access Comparisons: Fistula, Graft, Catheter Flyer (English I Spanish)
It Only Takes a Minute to Save Your Lifeline. Look, Listen Feel Guide Booklet

Treatment Options

Taking Care of Yourself = Taking Care of the People You Love

Transplant Referral is an Option Regardless of Your Age

Flyers and Booklets
South Atlantic Area Transplant Center Referral Guide Booklet
Get the Facts: Transplantation Booklet  (English I Spanish)
Is a Kidney Transplant Right for Me? Your Guide to the Transplant Process Booklet
Why Transplant Is a Good Idea Flyer
ESRD NCC's Your Life, Your Choice: A Sampling of Stories from Kidney Transplant Patients and Donors Booklet

Home Therapies

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)
PD: Start The Conversation

Flyers and Booklets
Know your Treatment Options. PD : The Needle-Free Option Flyer
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) : The Needle-Free Option Trifold Booklet
PD Crossword Puzzle Flyer

Infection Prevention

From the Centers for Disease Control

Putting Together the Pieces to Prevent Infection
Clean Hands Count: Speak up for Clean Hands
Clean Hands Count: Ask for Clean Hands
Clean Hands Count: Prevent Infections

6 Tips to Prevent Dialysis Infections: Patients with Catheters, Fistulas or Grafts 2 sided leaflet
Clean Hands Save Lives Flyer



Protect Yourself. Get the Vaccines You Need! Trifold Booklet (English I Spanish)
Vaccination and Medication Tracker for Patients  English

Emergency Preparedness

CMS: Preparing for Emergencies:
A Guide for People on Dialysis
Booklet (English (2017)I Spanish (2007))
KCER: 3-day Emergency Diet Guidelines Booklet (English I Spanish)

IPRO ESRD Network of the South Atlantic
Network 6 (GA, NC, SC)
909 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300
Morrisville, NC 27560
Main Phone: 919-463-4500
Toll-Free Patient Line: 800-524-7139

Publications and Newsletters
Provider Insider
Kidney Chronicles
The PAC Speaks

2017 Quality Improvement Activities
Reducing Long Term Catheter Use
Reducing BSI
Increasing Vaccinations (PPV, HBV)
Improving ICHCAHPS Scores
ESRD QIP: Improving Kt/V
Increasing Transplant Referrals
Reducing Grievances