Project Guidelines

Transplant is one of several renal replacement therapy option that offers the opportunity for better clinical outcomes with reduced mortality and morbidity and improvement of life. The Network of the South Atlantic supports the national focus to improve transplant coordination. The goal is to improve kidney health by having 80% of new ESRD patients in 2025 either receiving dialysis at home or a kidney transplant. The Network will work with dialysis facilities in its service area to effect this change. By collaborating with transplant centers and dialysis facilities the Network will establish interventions, which will aid in overcoming barriers and improve communication.

Criteria: The Network will work with all dialysis facilities in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Goal: Increase the rates of patients added to the transplant waitlist in the Network service area by working with incident and prevalent patients.

The 5 Steps are as followed:

1. Interest in transplantation
2. Referral call to transplant center
3. First visit to transplant center
4. Transplant center work up
5. On waiting list or evaluate living donor

Tools and Resources

Transplant Resource Webinars

  • 2020 Transplant Centers Outreach & Financial Coordinator Recorded Webinars
  • National Living Donor Assistance Center Webinar (2/18/20) Slides; Recording
  • Transplant QIA - 2020 Kick-Off Webinar (FKC Cohort- 1/22/20) Slides; Recording
  • Transplant QIA - 2020 Kick-Off Webinar (1/15/20) Slides; Recording

Other Videos 

NCC-LAN Calls 

  • ESRD National Coordination Center - Learning Action Network Calls: NCC- LAN Calls

Tools for Facility

Patient Education 

Educational Games for Patients

Social and Financial Support

Transportation Resources 

Transplant: Educate - Evaluate

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Kidney Transplant Best Practices

2020 Transplant QIA Project Outlines 

Transplant NCC LAN Calls 2020

January 21st, 2020

How to get LAN Call CEU Certificate