Project Guidelines

Transplant is one of several renal replacement therapy option that offers the opportunity for better clinical outcomes with reduced mortality and morbidity and improvement of life. The Network of the South Atlantic supports the national focus to improve transplant coordination. The goal is to effect a change in the national kidney transplant wait list over the next five years to achieve 30% inclusion of all patients in the United States with ESRD. The Network staff members will work with 30% (235) of the dialysis facilities in its service area to effect this change. By collaborating with transplant centers and dialysis facilities the Network will establish interventions, which will aid in overcoming barriers and improve communication.

Criteria: Include at least 30% of facilities in Network service area (235 facilities).

Goals: Facilities selected for this project will demonstrate a 2% increase in the number of patient on the transplant waitlist.

The 6 Steps are as followed:

1. Interest in transplantation
2. Referral call to transplant center
3. First visit to transplant center
4. Transplant center work up
5. Successful transplant candidate
6. On waiting list or evaluate living donor

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Tools and Resources

Quality Improvement Webinars:

  • Transplant QIA Kick-Off & Continuation Webinar Slides; Recording 
  • Completing a 5 Why's RCA Tutorial (1/17/2018) Slides
  • LEAN Journey for Transplant and Home Therapies (3/20/2018) SlidesRecording

Transplant Resource Webinars: 

  • Transplant QIA Mid-Point Webinar (6/28/2019) Slides;Recording
  • Transplant Referral to Waitlist - Navigating the Seven Steps by Benjamin Hippen, MD, FASN FAST (5/23/2018) Slides
  • Addressing Barriers to Transplant (5/16/2018) Slides;Recording
  • Transplant Outreach Coordinator Webinar (8/22/2018) (Emory, Augusta, Piedmont, Duke, Wake Forest and CMC) Slides; Recording 
  • Living Donation HealthLine (4/24/2018) Slides;Recording
  • Georgia Transplant Foundation (9/26/2018) Slides; Recording
  • Improve Transplant Coordination QIA Kick-Off Webinar (2/08/2018) Slides

Other Videos: 

NCC-LAN Calls: 

  • ESRD National Coordination Center - Learning Action Network Calls: NCC- LAN Calls  

Tools for Facility

Patient Education 

Social and Financial Support

Transportation Resources 

Transplant Center and Organ Procurement Organizations in Network 6 Area


North Carolina 

South Carolina 



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Kidney Transplant Best Practices

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