Coaching to Support Kidney Care Choice

Patient health coaching is a collaborative approach that can assist patients with gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to take an active role in their healthcare decisions. Patient health coaches use a "We're in this Together" approach when working with patients on healthcare decisions that can improve lifestyle choices while taking into consideration what's important to them.

Patient health coaching is a collaborative approach to care that informs, engages and activates patients to take an active role in managing their health. By bridging the communication gap between the patient and the renal care team, patient health coaches can help dialysis facilities improve patient engagement in their care, leading to healthier patients with better outcomes.


Title: Coaching Fundamentals Module
Duration: 49 Minutes 
Summary: The Coaching Fundamentals Module provides a patient - centered care approach to educating patients using effective communication strategies and active listening techniques while promoting self-management skills. In this module you will learn shared decision making strategies to empower patients with the knowledge to manage their kidney disease by presenting new ideas and encouraging patients to take an active role in the healthcare decision making process. You will also learn how patient health coaches can be effective at building patient relationships and trust to help bridge the communication gap and understand the importance of keeping patient health information confidential.

Slides; Recording; Post-Assessment

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