Project Guidelines

The ESRD Network of the South Atlantic is tasked by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to collaborate with dialysis providers in the entire Network service area to support the efforts of increasing the rates of patients dialyzing at home.

The intent of the Home Dialysis Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) is to promote referral to home dialysis modalities, identify and mitigate the barriers to timely referral, and determine the steps patients and providers can take to improve referral patterns.

7 Steps Leading To Home Dialysis Utilization
1.  Patient interest in home dialysis (after assisting the patient to determine modality options that fit the patient's lifestyle)
2.  Educational session about home modality
3.  Patient suitability for home modality determined by a nephrologist with expertise in home dialysis therapy
4.  Assessment for appropriate access placement
5.  Placement of appropriate access
6.  The patient is accepted for home modality training
7.  The patient begins home modality training (counts towards goal)

Home Dialysis Toolkit
  Home Dialysis Tracking Tool (Download)
   What are my Treatment Choices? (Link)
   Consider Your Dialysis Choices (Link)
  Know the Facts about Home Dialysis Choices (Link)
   Home Hemodialysis Trifold (Link)
   Peritoneal Dialysis Trifold (Link)
  Home Hemodialysis Word Search (Link)
  Peritoneal Dialysis Word Search (Link)
   Treatment Options Interest Form (English|Spanish)
   MATCH-D Assessment Tool (Link)
   Sending Best Wishes Poster (English|Spanish)

Tools & Resources

Webinars & LAN Calls

Network 6 Webinars
2020 Home Dialysis Kick-off Webinar: Slides|Recording

2020 ESRD NCC Home Modality LAN Call Webinars
Promoting Home Dialysis with Patient-Centered Resources: The Role of the National Patient and Family Engagement (NPFE) Learning and Action Network (LAN): Slides|Recording

2019 ESRD NCC Home Modality LAN Call Webinars
January - Home Hemodialysis: Slides|Recording
March - Transitional Care Unit: Slides|Recording
May - Telemedicine and Home Dialysis: Slides|Recording
July - In-Center Hemodialysis to Peritoneal Dialysis Conversions: Slides|Recording
September - Promoting Home Dialysis: Slides|Recording
November - How To Grow Your Home Program: Slides|Recording

Provider Resources

Patient Education

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