Dialysis Patients/Evacuees

Tips for Hospital Emergency Room Staff

Network staff is available to assist you in locating services for patients who are seeking chronic dialysis treatments in the emergency room due to evacuations and disaster situations.

The Network works with local and State OEMS to assist in finding surge capacity, and advocating for resources to treat and transport dialysis patients.

Basic information needed to assist placing dialysis patients:

  • Type of dialysis treatment: In-Center Hemodialysis; Home Hemodialysis; Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Name and street address, town of Clinic that operates the patient’s chronic dialysis center.
    If the patient does not know the name of the clinic - ask if it is a clinic run by a corporation (see list below)
  • Date that the patient last had dialysis treatment

The following corporations operate Emergency Help lines to assist in finding a clinic for their patients:

  • DaVita Emergency Hotline: 1-800-400-8331
  • DCI Emergency Hotline: 1-866-424-1990
  • Fresenius Emergency Hotline: 1-800-626-1297
  • U.S. Renal Care: 1-866-671-8772
  • American Renal Associates: 1-888-880-6867

If the patient needs medical sheltering:

If you are unable to gain assistance from the dialysis corporation, the Network works with state ESF-8 and ESF-6 and can assist in shelter placement and locating dialysis treatment centers and transportation.


It important that patients who may be missing regular dialysis treatments start the 3-day emergency diet immediately to restrict fluid weight gain and toxin build up.

KCER 3-day Emergency Diet Guidelines (English, Spanish)

Kidney Care in Emergencies: Pamphlet

Emergency Shelters: Medical Triage Considerations: Video
Renal Failure and Dialysis Patients: What the EMS Provider Should Know Article


Emergency Hotlines:

Kidney Emergency Response Coalition (KCER) – available 24/7 1-866-901-3773

Dialysis Providers:
DaVita Emergency Hotline: 1-800-400-8331 or email guestservices@davita.com
DCI Emergency Hotline: 1-866-424-1990
Fresenius Emergency Hotline: 1-800-626-1297
U.S. Renal Care Emergency Hotline: 1-866-671-8772
American Renal Associates  Emergency Hotline: 1-888-880-6867

To find dialysis clinics outside of your area: